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Ho deciso di muovere la mia pagina web accademica e il mio blog in un posto unico, e ho scelto di fare un blog e il sito con l'hosting gratuito su wordpress. Per favore, aggiornate i vostri feed reader al seguente indirizzo:


Se mai cambierò di nuovo, aggiornerò il feed, così voi non vi accorgerete di nulla. Analogamente, mi sono deciso a comprare un dominio che rimarrà anch'esso permanente:

Tutto ciò che ho pubblicato sul blog di Blogspot rimarrà intatto perché già riferito nel web, perciò non ha senso toglierlo. Per non perdermi di vista, potete farvi vedere in qualche social network. Quelle a cui partecipo sono tutte listate a questo indirizzo.

Blog Change News

I moved my academic web page and my blog in one place, and they are both hosted (i.e., web page and blog) with the free hosting by wordpress. Please, update your feed readers with the following:


If I would ever change again, I will update the feed, so you won't notice. Analogously, I finally decided to buy a domain for me. This will act as a permanent url:

Every post I published in the Blogspot blog will remain here as it is already spidered by the web. If you want to be in touch with me, consider to knock me via some social network. Mine are listed here.

Ŝanĝo de blogmotoro

Mi portis mian universitatanan tekstejon kaj mian blogon al ununura ejo, ambaŭ gastigitaj de Vordpreso. Bonvolu aktualigi vian rettralegilon al la sekva treleg-adreso:


Se mi volus ŝanĝi denove ejon, mi aktualigos la traleg-adreson, tiel ke, vi eĉ ne notos la ŝanĝon. Simile, mi finfine min decidis aĉeti porĉiaman ttt-adreson por mi:

Ĉiu blogaĵo kion mi eldonis per Blogspoto restos tie ĉar jam araneigita ttt-e. Se vi volas resti en kontakto kun mi, frapu al iu socia reto kiun mi partoprenas. La kompletan liston vi trovas tie ĉ.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Connessione ovunque negli States

East Lansing, Michigan sarà una cittadina piccola della provincia degli Stati Uniti, è vero, ma come vedete la connessione internet viene considerata un diritto fondamentale della res publica.

Sono troppo stanco per poter fare qualcosa di serio... così mi connetto e sistemo lavoretti di piccolo calibro. Quello che voi non sapete è che mi trovo sul Michigan Flyer shuttle, un pulmino che mi porterà all'aeroporto di Detroit per tornare a casa, e -- ebbene sì! -- sono connesso.

Sul pulmino, avete capito bene.

Normale, no?

Esperanta kunveneto en Miĉigano...

Hieraŭ mi renkontis persone unuafoje mia perreta amiko Krize
en Kalamazoo, Mi&265;igano. Krize mondfamas -- almenaŭ esperantronde -- por sia belega podkasto Ĉi Tie Nun. En la supra foto li estas brakumanta Karlotan. Feliĉe li invitis Ĝan (foto sube kun Krize), nomo tiel oficiale leterumita en Usono laŭ lia volo (!), kun kiu ni kune pasigis belegan amikeman vesperon, kune kun la familio de Krize.

Korajn dankojn al miaj usonaj amikoj kiuj donis al mi belan impreson de ilia lando, dum mia unua vizito. Fakte mi spertis impreson de familiareco en Usono tre malsama ol kio okazas al mi vojaĝe en EU: miakontinente, mi ĉiam trovas ion similan al mia lando Italio, kiu fartigas min hejme; usone, la familiareco venas el la multegaj televidaj kaj kinaj filmoj kiujn mi vidis dum mia junaĝo... Vere nova sensacio!

Aquaemacs, better than I thought...

Sometimes posts are very quickly replied... Yet the indeed very easy solution of the brackets problem I encountered, quoting David Reitter:
Drom your recent log post I take it you haven't read the Aquamacs FAQ - do take a look. Inserting curly brackets is no problem, for example with the keyboard emulation modes (Options menu), or by switching off "Option Key is Meta".

Thank you David! in fact, I'm quite lazy about FAQ reading...

Friday, June 29, 2007

iTerm, the Mac application I really missed...

There was an application that I wanted to export from my Linux desktop: Konsole. Finally I found a much-more clone in iTerm, thanks to the cooooool mediacast about Ruby On Rails

GPL3 is out!

I've just read in Wired about GPL version 3.
The new license includes clauses and statements preventing hardware manufacturers from using GPLv3 code to enforce Digital Rights Management policies... The growth of the internet has changed the landscape as well. The new license sets rules governing the use of GPL software to power web services, and it allows the use of BitTorrent file sharing to distribute GPL works.
Worth studying...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

AquaMacs, che delusione...

Sollecitato da un post di Mikele ho provato AquaMacs Emacs 1.0, ma con la tastiera italiana non c'è modo di inserire le parentesi graffe {}, a differenza di Carbon Emacs...


A blog post about ESSAP

While I'm at the C&T conference in Kellogg Center in the University of Michigan State, East Lansing, MI, US, Matteo had posted reflections about ESSAP.

Worth a read!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Finfine Lupus In Tabula en esperanto (re)aperis...

Mi finis la tradukon de la vikipedia paĝo pri Homlupa ludo, kiun mi hazarde trovis... Nun estas du versioj en esperanto: la franca varia kaj la itala vario...

Sed ĝenerale tiu ĉi ludo transformiĝis multe en sia historio, do:

tute ne gravas!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cues on Selling Agility

Joshua Kerievsky charmed people with two narratives, the first one about three plummers, the other one about the right wacom tablet to buy, and asked people to evaluate them, in order to extract the way to selling effectively. This was a smart way to introduce the Selling Game.

We were involved to a smart game to be played in pairs about appeareance (hey, guys, I can't tell you the end of the story, right?). The interesting thing is that I got aware of the relationship between change and feeling of loss. When people are forced to change things, they feel a certain loss of certainty and control, and even identity. I got aware as I experienced it directly. Of course, Joshua was addressing change2 (the system change), not change1 (change in the system), in Watzlawick's terms. This game was a great way to introduce the Virginia Satir change curve. In the vertical axis you have performance, in the horizontal axis time.

Consider that the infernal moment between the old status quo and the new status quo, when performance sinks and people feel lost, lasts approx. 3-6 months for a groups of 20 people. Transitions to agility involves to enter Dante's inferno, before to see the stars. When was last time you did a major change in your career?

Of course, all these things were metaphors of agility, and two sententiae I've understood (hopefully) can be reported.

1. do not focus on new exciting methodologies, but rather focus directly on the customer's needs.

2. time for a change is short. Suddenly introduce the whole agile package (a core set prepared in advance according to sententia 1) maybe for a small project, but by sure for every actor of the company process, i.e. clients, customers, managers, domain experts, and developers.

Corollary of 2: most of the time agile people try to convey the approach step by step (e.g. stand-up meetings in a first phase, retrospectives in a second phase, pair programming in a n-phase), forcing people to continous change of habits, and never showing the real thing -- it is a different, alternative way to work! Keeping it simple: don't be shy, be brave in your proposals.

A story about this. Joshua told us about his ten weeks of ancient greek: learners should keep in mind the full paradigms, not only present tense -- the risk is knowing a bit of everything, and mastering nothing. Instead of pushing the full spectrum, think in a full scale. Think for instance to TDD. Not test-first, I mean TDD, a way to build software quickly without stress, where tests are a tool to make your software really incremental, while test-first implies simply that you write tests before the code (if divide et impera strategies are possible, you are note performing TDD at all). In reality you need a daily discipline: use it everywhere and all the time, otherwise you simply don't learn it.

3. Sell the antibodies. Don't tell the benefits of a new discipline, get listeners aware about the disadvantages of the opposite habits they still have.< For example, Joshua asked us to individuate the risks of solo programming. In a sense, let people sell therisks to themselves.

4. coach after training: your goal is to be inutile. So that people can cascade their learning in the whole system, otherwise the trained people are perceived as a casta and the others try to destroy training, so that they can't emerge. Provide a way to spread up teh word internally, without your presence! Joshua suggested to read the book by Gerald Wineberg, the psychology of computer programmers.

5. Show the invisible physically. Joshua uses simulation games to introduce concepts, and a lot of small hand-made videos too. Videos are more effective than photos, in particular when you have to show the invisible (refactoring or legacy code, for instance: try to print out that 30-pages long Java method or provide absurd and redundant routing instructions, respectively) to managers. I'm not totally convinced, but it can work -- if they have to pay for seeing it, and they can see them in advance, so onsite they ask the right questions.

Analougously, make the invisible guns pointed to you as a speaker visible making them emerge. Examples: "Oh, yes, I'm no selling a religion to you, I'm not fanatic" (the gun: agilists = evangelists). "There are a lot of way for the transition" (the gun: becoming Agile is a Unique Path).

Finally, always ask yourself: how visible are you making your successes? No idea how to do it? Why not append weekly dazebaos in toilets? So you will be sure that poeple do read them...

Impressions from my first eXtreme Programming conference

As known, XP2007 is currently held at Como, by the moment I am writing this post... and I am at Twente (Netherlands) for the ECAP2007. Hard June, this year. However, let's talk about how an XP conference differs from the classic standard academic conference I am used to. Basically, what differs is the strong relationship between theory and practice. In particular, I loved the tutorial and workshop I took part of, i.e. how to sell agility and how to manage frictions/creations.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Foneros fiesta hodiaŭ

Oggi è la Fiesta Fonera, e bimbomix1 mi ha invitato a diventare un fonero.

Ho accettato. Perché? Non sapete chi sono i foneros?

Leggete qui!

Film amatoriale sul mondo geek

Io e Francesca ci siamo proprio divertiti a vedere il film amatoriale sulla vita di due ordinari geek di provincia.

Mia moglie finalmente ha capito qualcosa delle mie manie...

Netscape strikes back!

Netscape navigator, a glory of the web... again! With a really universal binary for almost every OS.

Ready for social browsing ...and very, very fast!

Don't miss it!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Come eliminare il campanello del Mac all'avvio

C'è un errore di desig nei nuovi Mac: non c'e' un pulsante di sistema per togliere il campanello del Mac all'avvio. Questo programmino open source che si gestisce da Preferenze di Sistema colma questo buco. Vi dirà che dovete fare il backup del disco... a me non è successo nulla nel montarlo.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Where to start with Ruby?

Wanna try Ruby in your browser without even to install it? You can!

Do you have 20 minutes free for trying Ruby? This is a good tutorial...

Moreover, Learning Ruby has a plethora of tutorials, videos, and so on!

(Still) not Ruby for learning...