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Ho deciso di muovere la mia pagina web accademica e il mio blog in un posto unico, e ho scelto di fare un blog e il sito con l'hosting gratuito su wordpress. Per favore, aggiornate i vostri feed reader al seguente indirizzo:


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I moved my academic web page and my blog in one place, and they are both hosted (i.e., web page and blog) with the free hosting by wordpress. Please, update your feed readers with the following:


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Friday, June 13, 2008

My eXperience with the Poppendiecks: eliminating waste

I took part in a workshop lead by Mary and Tom Poppendieck and it was quite an eXperience. I realised that in my activity of agile facilitator I never focused on the goal of eliminating waste. What's waste? Everything that it's not value from the point of view of the customer. Ask yourself, how much of your code base is useful, i.e. actually used by your customer? What is not used is junk, and its complexity is an exponential cost. This is the first source of waste in software development.

The second source is handsoffs, and it is a big one. Every time you separate:
- responsability (what to do);
- knowledge (how to do);
- action (doing it!);
- feedback (learning from results) are in a handsoff state. I think in that sense the Pomodoro Technique is really a marvellous tool to reveal handsoffs.

The third source of waste is task switching: some people pass more time in juggling eggs in switching than in actually doing their task!

The fourth source is delays. Where you find queues you will have delays, and the only answer you can give is stop accepting more than you can handle (put it differently: reduce input flow to the level of output flow or increase output flow; if you can't eliminate at all, put in a "never list").
Other situations. When you should turn again to your supervisor it is delay. Another example is merging time: please, do continuous integration instead! To discover delays, ask yourself this kind of questions: how long do you go alive? how much time from decision to release (this reminds me of the kanban practice, where you have to be start, on progress, completed, delivered area so to organize your product backlog).

When asked what about testing and waste, Mary answered that the structure you should test any continous integration cycle (3 min.), your content should be test every day, and the layout/UI every release candidate (RC) -- this is on the delivered software at the end of each sprint. It is interesting the distinction between RC, i.e. after each 2-week sprint, while a full release is in the mind of the customer, typically every 3 months, when you've got the money (at least outside Italy; bt this is another - sad - story). The only tests not to be performed (only) automatically are in the layout layer. But this topic is out of the Poppendieck's workshop. I will coever UCD (User Centered Design) and interactive design and agile in another post later. Stay tuned!

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