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Ho deciso di muovere la mia pagina web accademica e il mio blog in un posto unico, e ho scelto di fare un blog e il sito con l'hosting gratuito su wordpress. Per favore, aggiornate i vostri feed reader al seguente indirizzo:


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I moved my academic web page and my blog in one place, and they are both hosted (i.e., web page and blog) with the free hosting by wordpress. Please, update your feed readers with the following:


If I would ever change again, I will update the feed, so you won't notice. Analogously, I finally decided to buy a domain for me. This will act as a permanent url:

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Mi portis mian universitatanan tekstejon kaj mian blogon al ununura ejo, ambaŭ gastigitaj de Vordpreso. Bonvolu aktualigi vian rettralegilon al la sekva treleg-adreso:


Se mi volus ŝanĝi denove ejon, mi aktualigos la traleg-adreson, tiel ke, vi eĉ ne notos la ŝanĝon. Simile, mi finfine min decidis aĉeti porĉiaman ttt-adreson por mi:

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Dad, tell me a User Story!

I participated to a workshop on agile requirement exploration by two XP coaches, there in Mechelen. Even if it was supposed to be something very basical, I learned a lot. First of all, I'm not so cute as I believed in writing user stories... establishing a team from scratch is always a challenge. We forced our customer to answer closed questions instead of eliciting what he wants (or, "treat the customer as an adult" principle, don't frighten him). Customers want to be understood as much as developers want do understand. They have the same goal. We should never forget.

But we were not alone: other teams were lost in useless discussion and details, as the possibility of changing team composition (!) or the nominee of a developer proxy in order to talk with the customer-on-site to avoid communication noise (consider that every team was made by four people, plus the customer). Nevertheless, some observation are worth mentioning, in my view.

Unique Product Owner Principle. It is important that there is a unique person who has the right to say the final 'yes' or 'no', otherwise the team can't syncronize itself with the coustomers' need.

Business People are Like Us. As Dave said, business people live a dynamic world like agile teams. They are more like us than traditional IT departments, and that's why it is better to work directly to them instead of talking CS jargon with IT departements.

We should be passionate as a father telling a (User) story to his children.

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